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Sunday, 9 June 2013

What's Going On In The Publishing Industry

Happy New Week, friends.
What better way to begin the week is there than to enlighten you on the carryings on in the world of publishing. Just follow the links.

  1. First off the list, Barnes and Noble launch NOOK Snaps, an innovative bimonthly program offering original, commissioned short-content works by a select group of today’s most compelling voices on the NOOK platform. For a price of $1.99 for each tale, this way, you won't forget to read.
  2. StoryToys, a publishing platform for young readers has launched Grimms Bookshelf, an app that organizes all their titles, bringing them together in one place for easy browsing and shopping. It's free on Android and Apple. For more, check here
  3. About history-making Double-Pulitzer Price champion, David Ebershoff. "It's not just about the Pulitzers," he says. Cool guy, cool guy.
  4. Current Hardcover Bestseller List where Dan Brown takes top spot.
  5. And finally, here's Amazon's Bestseller List so far. (Hint: Dan Brown's Inferno remains in the top 3)
Have a fantastic Sunday, you all, and a lovely week ahead.

Quote of the day:
I have a theory that the truth is never told during the nine-to-five hour."
-- Hunter S. Thompson

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