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Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Here's a little slice of what this year will be like! Welcome, Twenty-fourteen.

“Happy New Year! Happy New Year!”
The grown-ups jumped; the young ones danced
In high spirits, warm and sincere.
And couples kissed when they were chanced
Everyone in a good, fine cheer.

My folks and I were not left out;
We hugged and sang with pure delight,
Then spread and made merry about
Under the moon, fair, full and bright.
Love, joy and fun diffused throughout.

We were at church. Where else was best
To share the moment with our friends?
While we rejoiced, fireworks blessed
THE sky with sparks with funfair ends.
And I observed very impressed.

But much later I was concerned
With issues pressing, thoughts crucial:
Last year’s ending, I had discerned
That though I’d done a lot useful,
I could have done more. This I learned.

Of course I’d left some pleasing marks
Helping friends and fellow writers;
My works had garnered swell remarks
From readers, sites, and songwriters,
My star ratings were full of sparks.

But on my desk were forsook drafts
Of stories I had started well
But left floating like renounced rafts.
Don’t ask me why. I was cruel.
’Twas a pity, they were fine crafts.

In addition, I was slothful,
Would wake at ten and sleep at ten.
Tell you the truth, I was awful.
I’d pick my pen but now and then
And scribble something distasteful.

But even then I did some good
And wrote so well I was pardoned.
But when I gave my thoughts some food,
I realized, and was hardened
To start working the way I should.

So I resolved to endeavor
In all projects I undertook,
And to ensure that I never
Ceased my commitment on a book.
The decision was quite clever.

But more to that, I elected
To render help to all I could,
So that none was left neglected.
I resolved to make sure I stood
On these intents I selected.

Satisfied then with all my plots,
I returned to my merriments.
The sky was filled with sparkling dots
And people watched in fond segments.
(The lovely sight filled me with watts).

Digesting the activities,
Relishing the experience,
Enjoying the festivities,
The feeling was delirious,
Right for my sensitivities.

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  1. Happy new year to u too
    And great poem