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Sunday, 9 June 2013

My Artwork Monday

     Today, as well as other Mondays will be employed in sharing my artwork. Now, first know I don't see myself as a very good artist and you may also agree with me there too but then beauty in artwork doesn't come from elaborate penciling and luxuriant stenciling alone, I believe. It comes from representation of elements printed in heart and soul upon an external material with vivid, ultra descriptive quality, with a genuine and touching wholesomeness. Not everyone can be called artists, but great artwork can come from anywhere.
     I was just entering Primary Five of Elementary school when I met with the guy who opened my eyes to the power of creative artistry. His name was Elvis (or was it Melvis? I believe there is a M there so very probably Melvin. Yes, I believe that's his name. Haven't seen him since that time. That will be roughly 16 years ago). I remember he used to bring to school with him a large hardcover notebook which he used as storage for his masterpieces. During break, he would go somewhere away from everyone and tend to his hobby. The day I stumbled upon the hardcover was the day that changed me. As my eyes fed on his art, my mind felt exalted. You know what was unusual? His drawings were these basic skeletal ones, like the Canadian cartoon Stickin' Around was but the way he manipulated and represented and respected his imagination gave me purpose and I was inspired to draw and keep drawing for a long, long time. Although, right now, my drawing has suffered, I admit.
     But enough blah blah blah... It's time to showcase how far I've come since then.
(Note: Most of these arts were done in my childhood, through high school, when my imagination was at a sharp peak.)

 (22nd September, 2004. After a Physics class, waiting for the lunch bell in my dormitory)

                    (Sometime around 2006, while awaiting university admission letter)

        (One of my earliest artworks. I drew this sometime around May of 2004 from a magazine)

Hope you liked these pieces. I'll be digging out some more before next week.
Have a great Monday.

Quote of the day:
"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions."
~Albert Einstein

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