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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

eBook Reviews: Deeply Twisted By Chantal Noordeloos

I love collections. Why? Because, not only do I get a miscellany of riveting ideas commingled into one big, rich volume, they also provide insights, descriptions, situations, and an array of diverse characters within separate plots based on theming subjects. And what does it for me is that the  stories obey the titled theme. Throughout the course of this year, I’ve had the opportunity of reading fantastic collections by fantastic writers (I even had a story published in one earlier this year) so when presented with a review copy of yet another collection, this one, I jumped at it. And it didn’t disappoint.
Contained in this volume is a compilation of brilliantly developed ideas, each one unique in itself and in its genre. The writer, with the solemnity of her efficient words, took me on a bumpy, intriguing ride through the long dark route of the material and immaterial divisions of horror, junctioned by depraved serial killers, zombies, otherworldly monstrosities, witchery and truly sick endeavors unexpected of the conception of the most seemingly innocent of minds. Verily, it’s a tome of twisted stories. From a bog that vomits soggy specters to a conference of murderers to a startling tower clock whose interval timing unleashes hideous, ravenous creatures to misunderstood witchcraft, this compendium holds something for every fan of dark fiction.
It helps that Chantal’s description, her scene-to-word representation is totally vivid and unrestrained, uninhibited. She lays it down as it is; stomaching it is up to you. If it’s rape or child molestation, it is, with all its morbid description; all of the gory stuff are clearly depicted in its terrible, repulsive glory. It left me wondering sometimes whether she didn’t go over the top, whether she didn’t enjoy writing the despicable stuff a little bit too much.
As a whole, the book is a proud representation of the theme. I went in seeking what it told me I would get and I finished satiated. You get your time’s, and more than your money’s, worth if you’re seeking spine-tingling, blood-curdling enjoyment.
The individual stories are mostly well-detailed, expressed, with reader-friendly grammar. The pace, however, was slow at times, moderate other times; but, for me, it was all well and good. I would’ve reviewed each story based on their individual level of twistedness but I’m lazy, plus there’s this hindering constraint of word count. But if I want to go by this, then fifteen stories certainly made well above the cut, with no fewer than nine of them being terrific and perfect in their plotting (I have especial love for The Widow, WHEN THE BELL TOLLS, Victims of Evolution, Jade and Your Familiar Smile). Five others however left me desiring more from them, falling short of my expectation. Not that they weren’t good stories. In fact they were, but in the setting of the collection, they weren’t “twisted” enough, or didn’t have sufficient meat for sumptuous consumption (I specifically disliked When The Heavens Cried Gold (this one I believe did the originality of this splendid collection a tiny measure of disservice) and Hungering Depths).
Great, eye-catching cover too, but I’m one who tends to look beyond covers.
So, if you’re considering owning a copy, here’s my advice: Stop considering. Order one now. Let Chantal pick at your brain and tell you, in hoary whispers, the deep, dark secrets of a perverted mind!
I’ve rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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