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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Curse In The Chest preview

The Curse In the Chest written by Artie Margrave and the latest in his work is a horror fiction that talks about demonic possession and exorcism. However, it has a hidden knowledge of how strong the spirit could be.

Royston Moses, a man tired of life at home and outside fell upon a beautiful chest at Haven's County's only river in a part of the stream he only is familiar about. Waiting till it got dark, he took the chest home and hid it away from both his wife, whom he really hated and his daughter that he in contrast loved. After three days, he didn't find a way to force the chest open and even when he barely did he was thrusted into darkness and possessed by a little figment of the chests contents. He tried to kill his wife and killed the household cat, slashing its head in ruthless abandon. Lucy intervened and knocked him out cold and knocked the demon out too.
Realizing the problems the chest brought, especially after a fearful dream, he returned to the river to return the chest. He succeeded however but found a Latin inscription upon the chest which he read and subsequently became completely possessed by Agares, a duke of hell that ruled 31 Legions. Agares, in Roy's clothing immediately killed two girls and raped one at the bank of the river and made his way to Roy's house where he believed that Roy's daughter, Lucy, a virgin and embodiment of purity was the one to breed his Legion.
Matthias Williams, a journeying exorcist got a direction from the cathedral at Wyoming to face the monster and he went hastily.
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